There’s not any purpose in building a site unless there are people coming in. A significant source of traffic for most websites on the web is search engines such as google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and so forth. Thus, by designing a search engine friendly website, you’ll have the ability to rank readily in search engines and gain additional traffic.

They follow links into a webpage, reads the content from the webpage and record it within their database, dragging up the list as people hunt for it.


If you would like to earn your website indexed readily, you should avoid using frames in your own site. Frames will merely confuse search engine spiders and they may even abandon your website due to that. Frames make it hard for users to bookmark a page on your website without having complex scripts.

Don’t present data that is important in pictures or in Flash films. Search engine spiders can only read text in your own source code so in the event that you present keywords in Flash movies and graphics instead of textual type, your search engine ranking is going to be impacted dramatically.

Meta Tags

Use meta tags so on each page of your website so that search engine spiders understand at first glance exactly what that particular page is all about and if not to index it. By using meta tags, you’re making the search engine robot’s task easier so that they may crawl and index your web site more often.

Quit using incorrect HTML tags just like to design your webpage. Using CSS, you are able to remove redundant HTML tags and create your pages much lighter and quicker to load.